Behold, a 1965 Fender factory Lake Placid Blue Jazzmaster. I chased this guitar for the better part of a year and eventually it made it’s way into the store. It was a real treat to have this one in the store, really for a few reasons.

A. It being an original Fender custom color guitar it was quite cool to dissect it and see how Fender applied a custom color finish in what was really a transitional era for them.

B. It was just a straight up a fantastic playing and sounding guitar. Lively, vibrant, and full of life. Such a cool guitar!

C. It’s Lake Placid Blue!!

She has gone away to a new home and will be missed.

How do you find the mesa stiletto paired with the vintage 30s? I just bought a stiletto ace head and need to buy a cab. I was thinking orange 212 but I have heard people say they're not the best match. "bright shrill tone"...blah blah. Reply private.

I haven’t had the Stiletto in about a year now, but it was definitely a bright sounding rig. I think they sound better plugged into Mesa cabs, one of the best tones I ever got out of a Stiletto was an Ace head through a Mesa Traditional cab. Stilettos eat up Greenback/H30 type speakers too. 

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2014 Fender Custom Shop Double TV-Jones Telecaster.



Gretsch Custom Shop Blue Penguin 3.

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday.

jesus christ

everything about this is so gaudy and awful and I absolutely love it 


I love my homemade Tele.  It ain’t perfect, but it was fun to build.  


troy van leeuwen’s double neck jazzmaster/XII

I always wanted one of these 

lefty fender antigua lovlies



hands down my favorite guitar finish. so ugly, it’s beautiful.